To Travel on Two

Seeing the United States on two wheels is part of my life. I enjoy theRoyal Gorge - August 2006 freedom of the wind, and the when I choose a destination, getting there becomes part of the fun. This site is a collection of my travels and occasionally my thoughts as I ride. 

The pictures are taken rapidly, even from the back of the bike, as I usually pack as much into my days as I can. However, I do surprise myself with a few good shots. And, of course the motorcycle is going to be in a lot of them... That is part of the fun, riding the big Valkyrie.. the 6 cylinder “road pig” as I call her!! 

YouBig Bend Country - 2003 may notice the paint changes on the bike. I actually changed bikes.  The first one was sold during my move back to Texas... I lost a lot of things on that move, including a few things that I wasn’t prepared for! But, I liked the first Valkyrie Interstate so much, I bought another one!

Remember, this is a work in progress... there will be problems with text and grammar.. It is a pet peeve of mine so I constantly am reading to correct problems... and to think, this started out as a simpleRio Grand Head Waters 2008 website...argh!


  I finally took another bike trip and even wrote about it! 

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