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Prospect Wagon Works

L. A. Fenter

707 Lapland Road


Bowie, Texas 76458

Real Horse Power Used Here!

We strive to offer reasonably priced chuckwagons to everyone... (click for more info!)

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Quality work for over 30 years

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Our friends and customers list is always growing!  Thanks so much for your interest! See our friends and us having fun in the “Action Photos” section.

Historical Preservation  Click Me!

Those Chopper builders on TV don't have anything on us... except a few horsepower and a movie camera!

Authentic chuckwagon cooking at your special event!




Wheel Repair



Pony Carts



Pictures courtesy Times Record News

L . A. Fenter has been building wagons now for several decades. His experience began long before that while working on various ranches as a young man and being around the people that used the equipment he now builds and repairs. Now Prospect Wagon Works demonstrates the pride of products made in the U. S. A. and  of course Texas! .

We are often called on to repair a family heirloom that has spent the last 50 years or so in the corner of the family barn. In those cases, reconstruction of as much or as little of the wagon as the family wants is required. Always, the emphasis is placed on quality of work and more...

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