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Nocona Museum - Dick Worsham Carriage

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We get the honor of doing some really neat projects from time to time. This is one of them!  This wagon belongs to the Nocona, Texas Museum. This little wagon originally belonged to Dick Worsham, of Clay County Texas. His prominence is still recognized by the railroad markers east of Henrietta, Texas, where a railroad switch bore his name as part of the agreement when he provided land for the rail right-of-way

The wagon was in a poor state of existence.  Much of the original wood was rotten. It required major wheel repair and body reconstruction.  Notice the suspension and foot driven brake system! The wagon is currently residing in the Nocona Chamber of Commerce office, awaiting for its home in the New Nocona Museum. The pictures below detail its restoration. These projects take time, and in this case restoration of as much of the original product was chosen. The end result is a fully functional, beautiful wagon that still has much of the old wood in it... How often can we say that now-a-days?

We Hope You Enjoy This Pictoral Experience!

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Wagon Body Evaluation

Broken and Missing Seat Metal on Left Side

Seat Metal Work Right Side

Seat Evaluation

Seat Assembly Disassembled

Repairing Seat Back

Wheel Evaluation

Repairing Wagon Frame

Repaired Wagon Body Bottom

Repaired Wagon Body with Sides and Seat Supports

Repaired Wagon Body Corners

Wagon Body Corner Detail

Wagon Body Corner Detail

New Seat Bottom Wood

Forging Missing Seat Metal

Forging Metal Parts

Seat Metal Original Right Side

Seat Metal Repaired

Seat Metal Repaired and Installed

Wagon Body with Seat Reassembled

Layout of Seat Bottom Cover

Building Seat Bottom Cover

Building a New Top

New Top Being Built

New Top Being Built

New Top Being Built

Wagon Top Being Built - Frame Work

Wheel Repair - Fellows Installed

Wheel Repair - Spider - New Spokes

Wheel Repair - Preparing For Fellows

Wheel Repair - Tear Down

Finished Wagon Left Front

Finished Wagon Left Rear

Finished Wagon Left

Finished Wagon Right Front

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