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Cookware, Teepees, and Flys

L. A. Fenter

707 Lapland Road


Bowie, Texas 76458

Wagon Accessories, Cookware and Teepees

Prospect Wagon Works provides quality Wagon Accessories.   These items are handcrafted.  

Prospect Wagon Works uses its onsite facilities to produce dutch ovens, teepees, fire racks and other items necessary to authentic outdoor cooking and living of yesteryear...

A note about our canvas products..(click for more info).


Teepee and Bedroll Package -

Cowboy Bedroll -

Cowboy bedroll

Wagon Fly (see notes)

Wagon Sheet

Wagon Bow Clips per

J Clips

Stakes with hand forged tips.

Pack Saddle - Call for Pricing

Bench -

Custom Dutch Ovens 16" -

Wooden Water Pail -

Kettle Rack

Water Barre


Wagon Seat

Wagon Wheel Jack.

Wagon Wheel - (See Notes)

Round firebox.

3 x 1 ft. Firebox
Heavy Duty

5 x 1 ft. Firebox
Heavy Duty

Leather Suspenders -

Chuckbox for your wagon.

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