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Vis-a-Vis, Custom Wagons

L. A. Fenter

707 Lapland Road


Bowie, Texas 76458

Special Wagons - Custom Wagons and other Neat Things!

Most of these items are new, though a few have been rebuilt. We have shipped our wagons and products all over the USA and the world! Call or email for availability!

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New Sheepherders Wagon


Landon Braum - Call for Pricing

    Chuckbox Furniture -

    Chuckbox Furniture

      Portable Chuckbox -

    Portable Chuckbox

Sheepherders Wagon Before Rebuild

Sheepherders Wagon Before Rebuild

Sheepherders Wagon After Rebuild ***see notes

     Vis-a-Vis -

  Party Wagon -

Vis-a-Vis - Limo Version -


Amish Buggy -


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