Colorado 2006

Turned Left

Ok, I have to tell you this started as a weekend trip to Amarillo, about 260 miles from where I live.  I spent the weekend there with my friend Kip, who had recently moved back to Texas from North Carolina. For both of us, arriving back in Texas was long awaited, after living several years near Raleigh.    My Friday afternoon drive up to Amarillo was a scorcher, it was 105 when I filled up in Wichita Falls, TX.   So, when I got to Amarillo a few hours later, I did what I usually do on weekend trips, sat around and talked, had a few margaritas and just relaxed!  

It came time to come home Sunday afternoon, and I just wasnt ready.  I knew that work was slow, in fact, it was annoying, hot (temps over 100 for days), and I “turned left” as as this trip has now personified.

Leaving Amarillo about 4:00 p.m. I noticed storm clouds building to the North where I was heading. This part of the year is “monsoon” season for much of the Southwest, and though I am not sure Amarillo is effected by that, a seasonal front had pushed sufficient moisture back towards the south to cause Thunderstorms to build.  I had desired to leave hot weather, and I was about to get my wish!

The rolling dust cloud was interesting, but I didn’t stop to take a picture, I was actually worried about what was behind it as I cruised rapidly north. I debated on donning my rain gear, but I waited.   I made it to Dumas, Texas before I decided to put the rain liner in my skid jacket. It wasn’t enough!! I got soaked a few miles out of town. As it would seem the clouds were building and the rain intensified tremendously.

I should insert here, that this is actually the maiden long voyage for this particular bike. I have been doing some trips that were a few hundred miles on weekends, but I have never been out in strong rain or made it quite this far from home, at least on the red and black Valk.  read more....

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