Colorado 2008

A Much Needed Trip!

Well the last couple of years have flown by....with no time for a decent road trip to one of my favorite destinations; Colorado! I added an inexpensive GPS to the bike for this trip.. which I will explain later as a semi-mistake!

I decided to squeeze in a fast trip to the “high country” over July 4th.  We would start off with our usual destination of Cripple Creek, via Fritch Texas, where one of my cousins lives, breathes and rides Harleys.

 He and I had been, and still are, “raggin” on each other about the better of our two bikes.  I had been suffering a vibration in mine for some time prior to this trip, and after replacing tires, checking bearings and just pulling my hair out, it turns out it that the driveline u-joint had failed.  I had to find the problem myself, as it would seem that my local dealer was unable to recreate the problem.  But the problem was fixed, and his harley required a new drive belt after a rock got lodged in it and it broke.  Boy, have I been giving him hell about that!! Truth is, he has a great bike... one to definately be proud of! Just as a side note, my repair cost for parts was actually fairly inexpensive, and no special tools were needed, just about 1.5 hours of time and I did it myself!!! Go Valkyrie!!!

Over the years, we have made a lot of trips to Cripple Creek and made a lot of friends there.  read more...

You can see some of the pictures from our sister site Prospect Wagon Works.


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