Colorado 2015

Two Old Men Ride On!

This trip started as a notion that I was going to take a bike trip somewhere this year. I haven't been on one in several years due to economics, life changes and lack of time. My wife opted out because of the time frame I had chosen. We were expecting a new grand child, and she sure wasn't leaving just prior to the arrival or even after.  She also was tied down at work because of a facilities move. So...!!!

I knew I would be in the potential doghouse if I went by myself, but, being slightly smarter than the average married person. I hit her brother up about going along. He had recently bought a Harley Ultra Classic and was itching to ride.  I 20150902_100359saw this as a win for him and a win for me, since my wife surely wouldn't complain if I was out riding around with her brother!!!

I spent several days prepping the Valk. It has been a faithful companion, always getting me home, even though I have had a series of premature failures over the years. A u-joint failed at 42k and I replaced the drive shaft last year at 51k. I blame the drive shaft on myself for lack of maintenance. I did everything but pull it over the years and it just failed from lack of lubrication on the lower spline end. I even had a rear wheel bearing failure several years ago, but that I credit to the Honda dealership since it occurred soon after a rear tire change. I now perform most of the maintenance20150831_103455 myself. 

All this to say, it got a new tire and front wheel bearings prior to leaving. I even installed a USB charging port, and wired my Sirius radio and old “dumb- dumb” GPS into a relay controlled by the ignition switch.  No more running the battery down over the winter months when I am not riding! One other thing I did was build an adapter and wired a Sena SMH10 on board the Valkryie Now I can sync to it and use my CB when I want to. No more cords!  read more... <<Click here!


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